June 13, 2019


Mother of Brynhilde, Casco had a total of 4 litters. She was born February 2013, and is the goofiest dog ever!! She is 120 pounds of pure joy. She is a big dog that loves everyone unconditionally, no matter what. There is not a dog, child, or adult that she does not love. She has a big tongue and has a tendency to slobber on us more than any other dog, but we love her nonetheless! She is not your typical Bernese Mountain dog marking wise, as she has SO much white on her face and a TON of FRECKLES!! We breed more for personality than anything and her pups are just great! When Casco delivers, she needs our help and really enlists anyone around to help her out – even the other berners! She wishes that our other berners would take turns nursing and cleaning up. Casco had 4 litters and is now retired. She enjoys sneaking up on the futon and being a couch potato!