August 2, 2015

Deposits & Payments


DEPOSITS: Please make sure to call and speak with someone from VT Berners before mailing in any money. We want to make sure you understand the process and how we do the selection process. 

By putting down a deposit on a puppy, you will have a position on our wait list. Your position will be confirmed once the $300 deposit is received. Should you find a puppy from another breeder prior to choosing one of ours, your $300 deposit is refunded. Once you choose your puppy, you the buyer understands that they are committing to buy this puppy, and that this deposit is therefore non-refundable. There are several reason for this, such as the fact that other potential families may not put a deposit down because of the number of reservations ahead of them. When a buyer backs out, there are also typically additional expenses incurred in seeking out a replacement home and caring for the puppy in the mean time. For these and other reasons, there will be no refund of the deposit if buyer backs out.

The puppies are going to be ready to leave at 8 weeks old. They will have their first shot (distemper) and will have been wormed 2-3 times. 

BALANCE: All checks and money orders can be made payable to Vermont’s Northern Tradition. $300 deposit once we have spoken, balance due by the time your puppy turns 6 weeks old. You can send money via paypal to If using paypal please make sure you send it via friends and family or there will be a 10% service charge added to your balance. Also make sure we have communicated prior to submitting payment. The overall price of our puppies is $2,000, which does include the deposit amount.

PICKING UP PUPPIES: Puppies will be picked up as soon as possible around 8 weeks of age. Puppies will only be held past 8 weeks of age by prior arrangement with the seller. Puppy is not sold until FULL payment is received by the breeder.

Please ask if you have any questions. Our contact information is as follows:

Vermont’s Northern Tradition

C/O Alberi

585 Warren Road, Eden, VT 05652

802-635-9670 or 802-782-9882

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