Hello all! We were thinking of a way for our VTBerner family to come together, and what better way than a friendly competition? For the entire month of September, your berner could be our Facebook, Twitter and website cover photo. We will begin the competition August 1, but we wanted to share now so you all have time to get the perfect picture! Photos posted before that date will not be considered for the competition, and will be deleted. No cheaters allowed! 😜Please don’t hesitate to share any comments or questions. 

Here are the competition guidlines.

  • Your dog MUST be a VTBerners BMD, but there can be other dogs in the photo! 
  • Your dog must be posted in the comments of the official post when the competition begins.
  • Picture must be mostly horizontal/landscape so it fits nicely in the cover photo section. 
  • With your photo, please include your pups name, birth year, and who their parents are (ie. Merida/Brady, Casco/Sebastian) in the comment section. If you do not remember who their parents are, ask us, and we will let you know. You can still enter your pup into the competition even if you don’t know!
  • Each person is only allowed to post ONE picture, so make sure it is a cute one 😉Any picture posted after the first will be deleted!
  • If you do decide to enter your pup into our competition, you must also vote for a dog that is NOT yours. You cannot vote for yourself.
  • You do not have to post a picture to vote!
  • Photo must be family friendly!
  • Edited photos are allowed!

For a pup to win, they must have the most likes on their photo ON FACEBOOK. Please do not cast your vote by commenting, these will not be counted towards the ballot. This will help make the comment section clean and easier to decipher a winner. The winner of September’s photo competition will also win a T-SHIRT with the VTBerners logo! Voting will open on August 1 and will end August 31. Your berner will be made our cover photo September 1 through 30. If we can keep this going, we are hoping to create a 2021 calendar featuring the pups with the most votes… If your pup is featured in the calendar, you’ll receive one for free. We just need you to share your pup’s photos and like your favorites!

If you have any questions, do not be shy to post a comment, or PM us!

Also coming soon… keep your eye open our new online store for t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, zip-up jackets, hats, etc.

*** DISCLAIMER: Once a photo is considered for our calendar, it becomes property of VTBerners. By submitting a photo, you are giving us consent to use your photo for merchandise. ***